The Come Up

We are literally and truly over the moon to finally be able to share our first ever series -- The Come Up. The show follows 6 downtown New Yorkers as they live, love and succeed in the city that never sleeps. Catch it now on Freeform and streaming on Hulu.

We are eternally grateful to our unbelievable cast and our dreamy partners Adri Murguia, Jihan Robinson and the rest of the Freeform family for believing in the vision and bringing this project to life.


Fernando Casablancas

Ebon Gore

Claude Swartz

Sophia Wilson

Taofeek Abijako

Ben Hard

Series Directors — Jessica Chermayeff and Ana Veselic

Executive Producers — Megan Sanchez-Warner, Anne Alexander, Jessica Chermayeff and Ana Veselic

Cinematographer — Noah Collier

Field Producers — Brent Whiteside and Anne Alexander

Coordinating Producer — Hannah Gregg

APs — Zoe Kase, Morgan Powell and Jackson Strike

Production Manager — Stella Psomias

Production Coordinator — Nico Herrera

Production Designer — Elysia Belilove

Story Producers — Joseph Purfield, Ariella Naymark and Julia Li

Post Production Supervisor — Brian Lerch

Editors — Ana Veselic, Courtney Powell, Lucy Munger, Stacy Kim, Lewis Rapkin, Tessa Greenberg, Khadija Abuyousif, Kathryn Moore, George Manatos, Marcos Meconi, Mahdokht Mahmoudabadi, Beatriz Calleja, Orian Barki, Dani Okon, Porous Freak, Alex Bohs and Erik Marika-Rich

Music Supervisor — Adam Brody

GFX — Visual Creatures

Sound Mix — Eli Cohn

Colorist — Elias Nousiopoulos and Erik Choquette

Finishing Houses — Post Works and Nocturnal Sound


Meet the pretty, unjaded cast of The Come Up.