Senior Prom

For the LGBTQ+ generations that came of age in the decades before Stonewall, prom was emblematic of a world they couldn’t experience as their authentic selves. But at Triangle Square, a haven for LGBTQ+ seniors in Hollywood, the community is taking back the night they never got to have. Over a night of dancing, kissing, and crowning of queens, they reflect back on how far they’ve come and their dreams for the next generation. SENIOR PROM is an infectiously joyful celebration of the revolutionary generation who fought for the right to live, love, and dance openly.

Co-produced with ITVS, PBS, Independent Lens

Premiered June 2021 on PBS Voices

Director & Producer — Luisa Conlon

Producer — Jessica Chermayeff

Co-producers — Ana Veselic, Anne Alexander

Director of Photography — Luisa Conlon

Editors — Orian Barki, Alex Bohs, Ora DeKornfeld

Additional Cinematography — Maya Craig, Seth Hahn

Associate Producers — Cloe Young, Zoe Kase

Music Composer — William Ryan Fritch

Music Supervisor — Juliette Carter

Colorist — Elias Nousiopoulos

Sound Designer & Mixer — Calvin Pia

Graphic Designer — Abigail Leuchter