Kehinde Wiley / Prelude

We teamed up with Kehinde Wiley Studio to create an enormous 6 screen installation at the National Gallery of London. Beginning with an epic production in Norway right before the pandemic hit, we were so lucky to be able to complete this exhibition for an in person opening in 2021.

American artist Kehinde Wiley explores the artistic conventions and canons of the Western landscape tradition. Wiley’s images – as part quotation, part intervention – raise questions about power, privilege, identity, and above all highlight the absence or marginalization of Black figures within European art. Situated in the Sunley Room, at the centre of the Gallery’s collection, this free exhibition draws out the dynamic relationship between Wiley’s transcendental works and the National Gallery’s historical landscapes and seascapes by artists such as Claude, Friedrich, Turner and Vernet.

Director — Kehinde Wiley

Produced — Cousins

Cinematographer —Jasper Wolf, NSC

Composer — Niles Luther

Voice — CCH Pounder

Editor — Ana Veselic

Casting Director —Gabrielle Lawrence

Fashion Director — Yohana Lebasi

Hair Director — Jawara Wauchope

Hair Stylist — Selasie Ackuaku

Makeup — Charlotte Wold

Color — Elias Nousiopoulos

Sound Mixer — Edward Cooper


Jennifer Wright

Naynang Mayen

Lamula Anderson Birungi

Moses Abraham

Mountaga Diop

Ray Idowu Adedeji

Jammal Ibrahim

Brad Ogbonna