Illuminati Detectives

Illuminati Detectives re-imagines the secret lives of the Romantic poets Percy Shelley and Lord Byron as sex and drug addled members of the Illuminati sent around Europe to debunk mystical crimes. Conceived as an episodic series this first episode features the lamia, a medusa like character born on the shores of Lake Geneva turning men into stone. Shot in the style campy BBC dramas and beloved primetime sci fi series a la the X Files Illuminati Detectives is 34 minutes of live action fan fiction for the literary set.

The film was commissioned by for the 2021 Biennale de l'image en Mouvement at the Centre d'Art Contemporain in Geneva and was imagined by Emily Allen and Leah Hennessey. It premiered and screened at the biennial at the end of 2021 and is screening at the 2022 Courtisanne Festival in Ghent alongside Cousins' Nosferasta.

Writers / Directors – Leah Hennessey + Emily Allen

EPs - Rafael Foster, Ethan Cyr + Aiden Rumack

Producer – Anne Alexander

Co-Producer – Geraldine Baron

DP – Max Lakner

Production Designer – Paul Gondry

Wardrobe – Arabella Aldrich

Hair and Makeup – Ruby McCollister

Casting – Salome Oggenfuss + Geraldine Baron

Editor – Leah Hennessey

Composer – EJ O'Hara

Color – Elias Nousiopoulos

Mix – John Nathans