I Never Thought to Ask: A Mom’s Quest for Answers

We created a short film and several spots for Lifetime Linear and GSK's digital campaign to raise awareness about the uncommon but serious disease, Meningitis B. Spearheaded by the legendary actress, Soleil Moon Frye, and supported by Mellisa Joan Hart, we met survivors and families who’ve lost loved ones to this illness.

Director — Jessica Chermayeff

Director of Photography — Ava Benjamin Shor

Executive Producer — Nicole Cosgrove

Creative Director at Lifetime — Jennifer Furgeson

Producer — Ashley Woeber

Assistant Director — Nick Brokaw

Production Manager — Jean Martin

Production Coordinator — Michael Fariss

Production Designer — Hanrui Yang

Editors — Emily Wilson and Dani Okon

Post Production Supervisor —Jabu Ndlovu

Sound Mixer — Jeremey Mclennan

Color — Elias Nousiopoulos