Nike Journal / Harlem Honeys and Bears

In partnership with T-Brand, Cousins and directors Keenan MacWilliam and Orian Barki capture the spirit of Harlem Honeys & Bears – an intergenerational synchronized swimming team for the senior citizens and youth of Harlem, NYC. Made for Nike Journal, this short documentary celebrates the unlikely but dedicated swimmers who call Honeys & Bears family. The group has been a community staple since 1979, cultivating art, physical wellness, and togetherness in the water.

Director – Keenan MacWilliam & Orian Barki

Producer – Anne Alexander

Production Coordinator – Cloe Young

Production Coordinator – Sienna Fekete

Sound Mixer – Max Mellman

Editor – Orian Barki

Composer – Jazzy Romero

“My creative inspiration for my choreographing comes from the sky. I look at the clouds, and I get formations from the clouds. I look at the birds, and I get formations from the birds.”

– Coach Oliver Foote